As a major building contractor in Scotland, Muir Construction plays a significant part in developing the built environment within our area of operations. In order that these operations contribute to environmental improvement we have developed this Environmental, Waste Management and Sustainability Policy. Muir Construction also have an Environmental Management System which has been designed to meet the requirements of BS EN ISO 14001:2004.

The Muir Group plc and its associated companies are committed to protecting and enhancing the environment in which we operate. The company prides itself on its willingness to shoulder responsibility for its actions, and strives for sustainable construction and continued improvement in environmental performance where practical and appropriate.

Muir carry out operations in a manner designed to minimise environmental impact on our surroundings and maintain compliance with current legislation, best practice and client specifications, while ensuring a balance between economic, environmental and social issues.

Where the company is involved in the design or promotion of sustainable options we work closely with the design team, contract parties and our supply chain to develop good environmental practices, solutions, energy efficiency and use of sustainable materials. Our use of sustainable resources and continued re-use, recycling and waste minimisation will help to reduce demand on the environment’s natural resources.

This policy is reviewed on an ongoing basis as developments and improvements are made, to ensure it remains relevant. It is issued to all employees, and Waste Management forms part of our employee induction process and selection of approved suppliers and sub-contractors.

This policy has the full support of our Board of Directors, who ensure through their staff that the policy is understood, implemented and maintained at all levels of the organisation. 

Muir makes a commitment to:

• Regularly assess and understand the impact of our business processes  and objectives with a view towards recycling, reducing, eliminating and  controlling these impacts

• Minimise the environmental impact of our activities by reducing the amount of construction, demolition and excavation waste going to landfill.

• Develop and review site specific environmental procedures and Site Waste Management Plans

• Dispose of processed waste in accordance with our Waste Management Policy

• Achieve higher standards of environmental performance through setting realistic and achievable targets appropriate to our business circumstances

• Operate an intelligent procurement process selecting where possible materials and services less damaging to the environment

• Improve efficiency while reducing energy consumption

• Manage our buildings and construction sites in an environmentally sympathetic manner

• Reduce environmental pollution through reducing the effects of noise, dust disturbance and public inconvenience from our operations

• Adopt the policy of meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to satisfy their own needs

• Consider whole life costing and energy efficient construction methods to maximise the efficiency of buildings and reduce running costs

• Ensure understanding of environmental issues amongst staff, clients, sub-contractors and suppliers as well as any other party affected. Raise awareness in partners of their impact on and responsibilities to the environment

• Maintain a healthy working environment for employees

• Improve internal quality through lighting, thermals, acoustics and air quality

• Use natural lighting and ventilation where practicable

• Work with design teams on the specification of materials to avoid common sustainability problems. Utilise experience from the whole team to design out maintenance problems

• Review renewable energy sources in design wherever viable

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